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Medical tourism in Georgia: phagotherapy

Phagotherapy in Georgia

Today, with the announced end of antibiotics and the increase in multi-resistant bacteria, phage therapy is back in the spotlight. But as it is not patentable, it is taking a long time to be re-approved.

In fact, it was authorized in France until 1980. Until then, bacteriophages were available in pharmacies on prescription, and were reimbursed by social security. A law was passed forbidding the use of “living” products for treatment. This was the end of the authorization for phagotherapy. Not that it mattered too much, since antibiotics were still very effective.

Georgia has never banned phagotherapy. The Georgians have been applying this therapy since 1920, so have 100 years’ experience and a very large collection of phages. They treat patients with bacterial infections from all over the world who have reached a therapeutic impasse, all without side effects.

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