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Safety in Georgia

Safety in Georgia

As a travel agency offering tours in Georgia,we attach great importance to the safety of our travelers. We recognize that safety is a major concern for many customers. So we’d like to reassure you with some factual information about safety in Georgia.

Georgia is considered one ofthe safest countries in the region. According to the World Health Organization, Georgia is ranked as the safest country in Eastern Europe. Crime rates are relatively low in tourist areas and popular cities such as Tbilisi.

Generally speaking, Georgia is considered a safe country for tourists. Statistics show that the crime rate in Georgia is relatively low compared to other countries in the region. According to Numbeo, Georgia’s crime index is 25.69, while its safety index is 74.31. By comparison, in France, the crime index is 55.34 and the safety index is 44.66.

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Safety in Georgia is a government priority. Measures have been put in place to guarantee the safety of citizens and foreign visitors. Visitors are welcomed with hospitality and respect. The Georgian government attaches great importance to the safety of tourists, as tourism is an important source of revenue for the country.

Security in Georgia is ensured by a competent and well-trained national police force. Regular patrols are carried out to protect locals and tourists alike. In Georgia, the police are very approachable and available to answer any questions the population may have. What’s more, visitors are welcomed with respect and hospitality in Georgia, and the local population is known for its helpfulness. Tourists therefore often feel comfortable and safe exploring the country.

Travel advice

Women traveling alone in Georgia do not generally encounter difficulties. Nevertheless, it is important to take basic safety precautions. We recommend that all our travelers follow the standard safety advice. Such as not leaving their valuables unattended, being aware of the people around them, and being conscious of their personal belongings. In addition, as in all major cities, it is advisable to be vigilant in busy tourist areas, to ensure their safety in Georgia.

In case of emergency, travelers can contact the local authorities by calling the European emergency number 112. Georgia’s hospitals and medical centers are well equipped to deal with medical emergencies. As far as terrorism is concerned, the risk is very low in Georgia. The country has put in place effective security measures to combat this scourge. The Georgian authorities work closely with international organizations to maintain security on their territory, guaranteeing optimum safety in Georgia.

In churches and other religious places, it’s important to respect the rules of dress. Pictograms are often used to inform tourists. Women are generally required to wear a dress or long pants, with arms covered and a headscarf. For men, we recommend wearing closed-toe shoes and avoiding short shorts and T-shirts. It’s essential to respect local customs, whatever your personal convictions.

As far as road safety is concerned. Georgia has improved its infrastructure considerably in recent years, with the construction of new, modern roads and freeways. However, road safety standards are not yet up to Western standards. We strongly advise you to respect traffic regulations and to be vigilant on the road to avoid any accidents.

We work with trusted local partners to ensure the safety of our customers on our Georgia tours. What’s more, our team of experts is available 24 hours a day to answer all your questions and concerns about safety in Georgia, so you can enjoy your trip in complete safety.

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