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Belgium vibrates to the rhythm of Georgia for four months!

On Wednesday, October 4, 2023, the official opening ceremony of this year’sEuropalia, dedicated to Georgia, took place at Bozar (Brussels). For four months, Belgium’s major cities will live to the rhythm of Georgianart and culture. Exhibitions, dances, shows… are all on the agenda. A good way to get to know this incredible country, before you go there? Here, an excerpt from a musical performance by Basiani, a troupe of traditional...
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The traditional Georgian supra

In Georgia, tradition dictates that dinners are real banquets (” supra ” in Georgian). The Tamada, master of ceremonies, will recite numerous toasts to the glory of the country, of love, of God, of women… Supras are often accompanied by traditional song and dance. A unique moment you’ll only experience in Georgia! Don’t hesitate to contact us for your tailor-made trip to Georgia…
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Tskaltubo, the incredible Georgian spa town

Are you intourbex and discovery? Tskaltubo is sure to impress. This former spa town, a 20-minute drive from Kutaisi airport inwestern Georgia, still bears witness to its heyday during the Soviet era. Indeed, Stalin made it a holiday resort for his soldiers, and no less than hundreds of thousands of people visited Tskaltubo every year. In those days, five trains a day from Moscow arrived in the small Georgian town....
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Glamping Tago, an unusual stay in the heart of the Georgian mountains

Have you ever heard of the concept of glamping? It’s a contraction of the English words ” glamorous ” and ” camping “. Here we share with you the magnificent initiative of a Belgian in Georgia. Combining his passion for travel and his love of nature, Jonas (25) has set up one of the country’s most beautiful glampings, at Khulo in theAdjara mountains. An idyllic setting combining social encounters, adventure,...
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Skiing in Gudauri, Georgia

Did you know it was possible to ski in Georgia? Particularly in Gudauri, the country’s flagship resort. Situated at an altitude of 2,200 meters, Gudauri lies on a south-facing plateau in the Greater Caucasus mountain range. Skiers of all levels can enjoy downhill skiing here, as well as heliskiing, for those who like extreme challenges. In Gudauri, the slopes are snow-covered for 4 to 5 months, from December to the...
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Georgia, the cradle of wine

September is harvest time in Georgia (“rtveli“). Did you know that Georgia, in addition to its breathtaking scenery, is also considered the cradle of wine? Indeed, the first grape varieties dating back to more than 8,000 years old have been found there, dethroning countries such as France and Germany. France,Italy and Greece. The wine-growing region is concentrated mainly in Kakhetia, in the east of the country, but vineyards can be...
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A concentrate of Georgia in a breathtaking video!

Georgia in a 5-minute video, mostly shot from the air. Between the capital Tbilisi, the shores of the Black Sea in Adjara, the plains of Kakhetia and the mountains ofImeretia, discover the wealth, beauty and possibilities that this wonderful country has to offer.
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Introduction to Georgia

Geography Is Georgia part of Europe? It’s difficult to answer this question, as the definition of geographic Europe is not very clearly defined on this side. It’s possible to consider that these borders are just a figment of the imagination, because in fact we’re talking about the continent of Eurasia. It is possible to find two types of information: either Europe stops at the Caucasus mountains, and Georgia is not...
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Medical tourism in Georgia: phagotherapy

Phagotherapy can help treat a wide range of multi-resistant bacteria (staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas, klebsiella, escherichia coli, etc.) without side-effects. Find out how phagotherapy can treat you
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7 reasons to travel to Georgia

Georgia is a country in the Caucasus, offering a multitude of natural and cultural treasures. Nestled between Europe and Asia, it represents a unique destination for a change of scenery. So here are seven reasons why you should consider a trip to Georgia if you’re looking for an original destination. Spectacular unspoilt nature As you continue your trip to Georgia, you’ll discover that this country is brimming with breathtaking, grandiose...
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Safety in Georgia

Safety in Georgia As a travel agency offering tours in Georgia,we attach great importance to the safety of our travelers. We recognize that safety is a major concern for many customers. So we’d like to reassure you with some factual information about safety in Georgia. Georgia is considered one ofthe safest countries in the region. According to the World Health Organization, Georgia is ranked as the safest country in Eastern...
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Georgia’s economy

Indicators Georgia’s GDP per capita is 4068 US dollars in 2018. Growth Georgia has achieved average annual growth of 4.5% over the past decade. It weathered the 2008 financial crisis particularly well, as well as the five-day conflict with Russia in August 2008. The agricultural sector alone accounts for 50% of the workforce, yet contributes only 9% of GDP. This means that revenues are low in this sector, with added...
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