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Our philosophy for accompanying you to Georgia?

For the love of Georgia
Our history

A little about us

This is the story of the meeting of Alain-Français and Irma-Georgienne. Their association will create this French-speaking travel agency in Georgia to share their love of this magnificent, dynamic country on the edge of Europe’s borders.

Alain, a Westerner with a degree in tourism, ran a travel agency for 10 years. It was then that he discovered Georgia in 2006 and immediately fell in love. His knowledge of European travel expectations: culture, gastronomy, authenticity, encounters, emotion, landscapes, history… means he’ll be able to satisfy you!

Irma is experienced in tourism, having worked for many years for an American travel agency. As a Georgian, she knows her country by heart, its traditions and its history, and is keen to share them with others.

The combination of the two has made it possible for many travelers to discover and love this country, always with EMOTION and SHARING in mind.

We’ll organize your trip to Georgia to suit your tastes.


Our mission

Our aim is to make you love this country as much as we love it: its immense hospitality, its renowned gastronomy, its grape varieties and wines, its rich history, its mix of cultures, its churches, its landscapes of mountains and plains, its coastline, its cosmopolitan capital, its hospitable people… So it was with this aim of sharing and passion that we created this French-speaking travel agency in Georgia.

With us, it won’t be just another trip, it’ll be a journey of emotions, and you’ll be sure to want to come back!

What do you want?

We have the solutions

Whatever you like, Georgia has something for you! Then we can adapt a program or create a customized one for you. We’ll always find something to please you. Please suggest themes, your tastes, your expectations, and let us adapt the organization of your trip to Georgia to what you like.

Your ideas

Tell us about your ideas and tastes, and we’ll design a customized trip for you.

Time calculation

Our tours are designed not to be a tourist rush, but a pleasure to take the time to visit.

Pleasant weather

Georgia is as far south as Rome, and the weather is very favorable for tourism.

A variety of tours

Our knowledge of Georgia means we can offer you everything: leisure, culture, sports, mountains, sea ….

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We’ll always be there for you, providing guidance, advice and assistance if you need it.

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