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Discover Georgian wine

Your trip to Georgia will introduce you to this country’s national pride. With a winemaking history dating back over 8,000 years, Georgians consider their wine to be the oldest in the world. Viticulture is an important part of the country’s agriculture, closely linked to its history and culture.

Characteristics of Georgian wine

Growers use a variety of grapes to produce their wine. The grapes are grown in wine-growing regions where the soil and climate are ideal for vine growth. The winegrowers then harvest the grapes by hand and press them to extract the juice. This is then fermented to create the wine.

Georgian wine is produced using traditional techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation. One of the most famous techniques is fermentation in earthenware jars called qvevri. The qvevris are buried in the soil, where the wine ferments for several months, giving it a unique flavor.

Wine lovers often describe Georgian wine as rich in complex flavors and dark in color. They often associate its aromas with red fruits and flowers, as well as spicy and herbaceous notes. Although white wines are the most common in Georgia, there is also a wide variety of red, rosé and amber wines.

Wine influences Georgian culture

Georgian wine plays a crucial role in Georgia’s social and cultural life. It is often served at parties and celebrations. It is intimately linked to the country’s culture and tradition. Georgian art and architecture also reflect the culture of wine. Georgian designs often incorporate grape and vine motifs, reflecting the cultural and historical importance of Georgian wine in the country.

Georgian wine is rooted in Georgia’s culture and history. This is why Georgians hand down their production techniques from generation to generation. Its complex flavor and dark color give it its reputation. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or simply curious about Georgian culture, it’s well worth trying Georgian wine.

In this documentary, discover Georgia’s oldest wine-growing region: Kakhetia, located in the east of the country. Archaeologists estimate that wine production here dates back 8,000 years, making this region one of the historic cradles of viticulture.

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